As part of the goals of Introid Robotics, we carry out scientific research in applied technology such as industrial robots. This in close collaboration with the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing department of CINVESTAV. We are very passionate about real world applications, as described in our papers [1], [2]. Our passion for this topics has brought important publications, and the recognition of the International Journal of Industrial Robot, where our paper was selected [1], as the best scientific paper of 2015. LINK Description , LINK Winner

In the automatic welding robots, we contributed with the following Three main contributions:

(i) (i) An experimental analysis of variables, using well-defined statistical patterns applied to the main parameters of the welding process.

(ii) (ii) An on-line/off-line learning and testing method, showing that robots can acquire a useful knowledge base without human intervention to learn and reproduce bead geometries.

(iii) (iii) And finally, an on-line testing analysis including penetration of the bead, that is used to train an artificial neural network (ANN). For the experiments, an optic camera was used in order to measure bead geometry (width and height). Also real-time computer vision algorithms were implemented to extract training patterns. The proposal was carried out using an industrial KUKA robot and a GMAW type machine inside a manufacturing cell. We present experimental analysis that show different issues and solutions to build an industrial adaptive system for the robotics welding process.

In our publications we showed empirically how an industrial robot can learn the appropriate values for the welding parameters to generate specific bead geometries without previous knowledge. Following this approach, it is expected reduce the gap between intelligent systems and industrial robots. Thus, by enabling industrial robots to acquire specific welding skills automatically, where human intervention is minimal.


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