Drones in Agriculture

We are happy to announce that we were accepted in the NVIDIA Inception program

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Development of methods for monitoring crops using vision and deeplearning

The research project seeks to develop vegetable monitoring methods that will flexibly estimate the relevant variables in the monitoring task under various environmental conditions.


  • To investigate the impact of classification methods such as vector support machines and their application in spaces that maximize class separability.
  • Evaluation of technologies based on deep learning to segment folliage, classify fruits and diagnose diseases.
  • The creation of a method that integrates information of shape and appearance in the monitoring of the status of the plant and that is robust (effective and repeatable) to changes in the environment and of the species of the plant.
  • Development of a color space to facilitate the detection of the variables involved in the monitoring of the plant.
  • Generation of databases available in the cloud with great diversity of crops and images taken with different sensors.

Drone Navigation in Greenhouses

We are working together with Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing of CINVESTAV-Saltillo, in the development of navigation strategies of drones in greenhouses with evasion of obstacles.
This research consists of an algorithm of detection of navigation strategies, capable of avoiding and avoiding with vision vision and its fusion with other sensors.

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